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Koroit Boulder Opal & other Curious Stones


My name is Gene McDevitt.  I am a miner, professional cutter and wholesaler of Koroit boulder opal and other curious stones.

Koroit is an opal field (an opal mining area, not a town) located in southwest Queensland, Australia.

Yes, that is a photo of me mining Koroit opal, 40 feet below the surface of the outback.  To the right is a photo taken while I was cutting opals.  Below the cutting photo are photos of some opals from Koroit I have cut.

I have been in the wholesale opal business since 1993 and mining Koroit opal since 2001.

In addition to Koroit opal, I cut and wholesale other interesting stones such as mooka jasper (mookaite), noreena jasper, tiger eye, rutilated quartz and Polish flint among many others.

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